Lockittight.com Website Review & Ratings + LockItTight Coupons
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Lockittight.com Website Review & Ratings + LockItTight Coupons

LockItTight: Products & Services

Lock it tight is a software intended to monitor and device reports regarding a computer’s location. It is able to capture and provide screenshots and generate key and clipboard logs to its website LockItTight.com to enable the user to gain access on the device and be informed as to how it is being used, who does and where it is remotely, thus, increasing its and the owner’s security and protection and gives a greater chance to locate if it becomes stolen. They have a featured configuration page to enable the user to deactivate reports upon registering it with server which they can also turn back on to monitor the computer even after misplacing it or being stolen.

The software’s attribute includes extensive and detailed reports generation, lightweight and noise-free, allows remote access via remote control, and provides secured and accurate encrypted reports and centralization.

These features allow the user to be informed of all activities done done in the device even if it is not in his possession. The software can also be utilized in Android programmed devices with GPS + WiFi geo-location and real voice call and text messaging logs.

LockItTight: Company Background

Lockittight.com has been developed by Timeon Technologies, LLC established by a group of senior developers and engineers. The company is based in San Diego, California with an objective of innovating useful free and paid programs and services which is not yet developed by now well- known programmers and providers such as GOOG, Microsoft.

LockItTight: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Most of the program’s review mentions its theft recovery and protection feature. CNET.com rated the program a 3 out of 5 and also featured negative and positive comments about the program’s compatibility and installation; however, negative comments and feedback have been swiftly addressed by the provider. The same reviews have been featured in Google play where most users rated the software a perfect 5 stars. Softsea.com also gave it the same 5 out of 5 for its features that ensure security and protection f the device. One blog cited its attribute that gives the user peace of mind knowing that their device is secure and protected.

LockItTight: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Upon checking, Lock it tight is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau as of this time.  The company that instigated the program, Timeon Technologies also doesn’t bear the said accreditation as of this time. Softpedia, a website that catalogs information and provides software downloads, have certified LockItTight to be 100% clean with no containment of malware, viruses and the like.

LockItTight: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Based on Alexa, it ranks 1,987,100 globally with no available regional ranking and has 103 sites linking in. it is visited frequently by unmarried and educated males ages 18-24 and usually access the site from home.  Google page rank rated the site a 3 out of 10. Woorank results show a low traffic estimation and shows the same ranking globally as that of Alexa.

LockItTight: Social Media Presence

The site’s Facebook account does not show much with 8 likes as of this time. Their Twitter account currently shows 1,189 followers and 16 tweets with the last entry dated March 26. Promotions, safety reminders and discount credits are announced and posted on this account. They have promotional and instructional videos in YouTube that highlight the program’s feature and advantages, as well as teach the user how to download and maximize the use of the program.

LockItTight: Website Security & Safety

McAFee site advisor have found the site to be safe and clean for browsing. It didn’t appear to be a host or a carrier of any form of malware that can harm the computer. Upon running Google diagnostic test on the site, it has also been found to be safe for browsing. Upon testing, it does not appear to be a host of any malicious software or suspicious content over the past 90 days.

LockItTight: Pricing & Packages

Lock It Tight services are categorized in three: Free for All wherein the services are free of charge and is accessible to everyone thus, generating the most of the site’s operating cost.

For Professionals is a paid service that provides a more specific and professional service including more features, higher quality and more frequent report generation. Rates for this type of service vary and a client can choose its inclusion that best suits his needs. The third type is the service For Enterprises which provides customized server and a personalized feature inclusion and development. The customer must contact the company for this option.

LockItTight: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping is not applicable to this company.

LockItTight: Payment Methods Accepted

Payment method offered is thru PayPal but the site offers various payment methods to be utilized by their Affiliate program. A customer can opt to pay through PayPal, US Dollar cheque and by wire transfer. They extend 10% discount for the customers who have utilized their referral program. They also provide discount credits on their social media accounts to their customers for additional savings.

LockItTight: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The program has specific system requirements in order to utilize its features. The scenarios and situation to which a user claim for return and refund varies on the type of service that Lock It Tight offer and detailed information for each scenario can be found on their website’s user forum/general discussion page.

LockItTight: Product images & screenshots
LockItTight Coupons
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